We recently took Cimarron on the road to Dwell on Design at the LA Convention Center, and immediately following to WestEdge SF at Pier 27. What an exciting whirlwind it was!

We received incredible validation for our work. In particular, people were most drawn to our unique shapes and design ideas incorporating cast concrete and wood. They loved most Skylight, Lydia and Palumbo. People were drawn to Skylight and Palumbo because of the unconventional, yet clever incorporation of a well (Palumbo) and a concave top (Skylight). They were drawn to Lydia for its simplicity and elegance.

With Palumbo, the excitement was around the parties, the use of space for small SF dwellings, and the shape, texture and color combinations. With Skylight the excitement was for the possibilities and for the cobalt blue! It is a coffee table, but with the basin as it is, one could “put things in there” as people kept telling us. The ideas went from a pet turtle, to a zen garden to ice covered in raw oysters and champagne bottles (my personal favorite; for which a drain could be installed). As for Lydia, the love was for the clean lines, the zen-like quality, and the seeming bulk and strength, while remaining “lightweight” (it’s only 90lbs).

Eyes lit up each time Scott would demonstrate how he could put his entire body weight on Chameleon without the 1/2″ thick concrete (35lb) panel top breaking. Eyes also lit up for the fact that the blue panel was not leather, but concrete, and how one could literally ask us for any color they want. We loved that people liked to hear Scott geek out about how he can assure them no cracking, stain proof, and beautiful textures (helps to have a background in chemistry!).

Many fun projects were discussed and we are BUSY following up! Not to mention that we were inspired by the response and have ideas we can’t wait to try around benches, sideboards, and more!

Can’t wait to get started!