Cimarron’s Master Craftsman and Designer, Scott Smith, studied traditional wooden boatbuilding and yacht design as well as chemistry and concrete casting. He brings a set of skills, tools and techniques to designing and building furniture that is different from most furniture makers, and yet rooted in a long standing, highly skilled woodworking tradition.

No two pieces will ever look exactly the same. The combination of cast concrete and wood, with the highly customizable selection of color, aggregate, and wood species allow every one of our clients to experience the creation and ownership of a piece no one else can claim to have.

Scott studied Environmental Science and Chemistry at Virginia Tech, Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding at the Arques School in Sausalito CA, Concrete Casting at The Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh NC, and Fabric Forming at Gore Design Company in Tempe, AZ. This formal education is a foundation that Cimarron relies on to understand and work competently with the materials we use in our furniture.