Functional Handmade Art To Elevate Your Coffee Ritual

The individual pour over method of making coffee creates one of the most balanced, delicious cups while giving total control and flexibility in catering to individual tastes. The amount and coarseness of the ground beans, temperature of the water and speed of pour combine to create a wide variety of flavor and aroma profiles as well as different mouth feel and acidity.

I searched but could not find a product on the market that allowed me to enjoy this ritual and individualized brew at home. The products I could find had one or more of several issues that made the experience less that the relaxing, invigorating ritual I wanted.

  • First, many makers sit on top of your mug making it impossible to see when it’s full without continually picking it up to check the progress, interrupting the pour and often                ending in an overflow.
  • Second, many makers that incorporate a stand to allow you to see the mug fill and remove it at the right moment do not incorporate anything to catch the excess when you pull your cup away, causing an inevitable mess that requires immediate cleanup.
  • Third, the stands were either inconvenient to break down/set up or did not break down at all, requiring dedicated space.

Our stand is not only a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art, it also solves the above problems making it a relaxing pleasurable experience to make your perfect cup. Our stand provides ample room to watch your pour and remove your cup at the right time. Extra pour in the filter and drips are caught in the drain where there is ample room for overflow to be contained until you are ready to simply pick up the base and rinse. And finally, the stand easily breaks down into flat components for storage and sets up with a simple press fit between the arms and top. With a selection of wood species, cast concrete base colors and glaze options for the filter cones you can put together a set that will look great in your home.